SNAP 2012/2013


SNAPs are used to request the City to take action on items which are smaller than CIP, but bigger than 311 calls. They are submitted to the City by the SN once a year.


    • Requests for SNAPs should be sent to Rob Benz by January 15th. Please send a description and picture, the Infrastructure Committee will fill out the SNAP form.

    • Infrastructure Committee will compile and order the requests so that they can be approved at the January 28th Memorial SN meeting.

    • SNAPS will be sent to the City by February 15th

    • The City will review and categorize as “Accepted,” “Needs FurtherReview” or “Denied.”


    • Sidewalks are not included in the SNAP request. By City policy, sidewalks are the owner's responsibility.

    • Curbs are not included unless damaged by utility repair. First call 311 and then may be a SNAP.

    • Every Super Neighborhood is limited to 25 items that can be submitted as SNAP.

    • To get an idea of why requests were accepted or rejected last year or to check the status of a current project- check the City of Houston SNAP website. The site will have two pull down menus - plug in Memorial for Super neighborhood and in the second box look at the accepted and ineligible. Several of the SNAP requests were studied or investigated and have the explanation provided.

Copy of the 2011/2012 Snaps as sent to the City (large file, pops)