CIP Memorial Drive Reconstruction

The City of Houston has started a large Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project to rebuild Memorial Drive from Kirkwood to Eldridge. This is a mobility project that when finished, will solve many of the traffic problems we now experience.

The latest information on this project can be found on District G's website

Construction Has Begun

Supporting Project Data:

The community is working on decorative lighting and planting the green spaces to make this project more attractive.

Lighting Project:

Beautification Project:

Background and Historical Documents

Super Neighborhood Infrastructure Committee Recommendations

The SN recommendations were collected by the Infrastructure Committee over a period of several months and those recommendations were sent as a letter to Council Member Pennington on August 12, 2010.

The Energy Corridor Management District sent their recommendations in August 2010.

SBISD sent their recommendations in September 2010.

SN letter of support for Memorial Drive CIP outlining the anticipated growth in the area (9/27/2012)

COH letter acknowledging the SN letter of support (10/5/2012)

Mayor Parker's response (10/9/2012)

Infrastructure Committee Generated:

Background on Access Management from H-GAC