Capital Improvement Plan

CIP projects are generally large and capital intensive projects that the City plans over a long period.

The City maintains a listing of CIP projects by year including an interactive application for looking up projects. Instructions are below the table.

The City’s adopted 2012-2016 CIP is now online:


The annual District G CIP Meeting has been scheduled for Monday, March 19, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., to be held at the Paul Revere Middle School Auditorium, 10502 Briar Forest Dr., 77042.

Those wishing to submit CIP projects for consideration should do so via the 3-1-1 online service request portal: (select “Traffic, Streets and Drainage” then, under “Capital Improvement Projects, Streets and Drainage” select “New Capital Improvement Project Request”).

Greg Sergesketter's remarks at the CIP meeting delivered as Memorial SN President

2011 - Project Summary CIP projects within the Memorial SN, or impacting the Memorial SN ($ thousands)

See the attachment CIP_G_2011.pdf at the bottom of this page for a location map of the CIP projects in District G. Warning very large file !

2010 - Project Summary: CIP projects within the Memorial SN, or impacting the Memorial SN ($ thousands)

To access the City Of Houston CIP webpage

At the bottom of the webpage, click the link entitled, Capital Improvement Plan web application. At the bottom right-hand side is a link to query CIP projects entitled "Filter". Do the following after clicking the "Filter" link:

  • Click the link on left-hand side: District Served

  • In the drop-down box, click contains and in the next box type G (for District G or A for District A), and click OK (twice)

  • This will show you the CIP projects that serve District G

  • Next, select the All Projects tab to view all CIP projects for District G

note: I have not had any luck with the CIP application except when using Internet Explorer