SNAP 2010/2011

Super Neighborhood Action Plan

SNAPs are used to request the City to take action on items which are smaller than CIP, but bigger than 311 calls. They are submitted to the City by the SN once a year.

Guidelines from COH:

As the SNCs prepare their 2011 SNAP, they will be limited in scope to the type of improvements described in the SNAP Matrix Chart. Per the matrices, please refer to the 1st column (ONLY) of listed eligible SNAP items. These are projects that are eligible for funding through the appropriate City department's annual operating budget.

Similar to last year, a SNAP Request Form is being used to better communicate specific SNAP requests. Please use one form per each SNAP request. Use the SNAP Matrix Chart as a guide for selecting eligible SNAP requests. If your desired item isn’t on the SNAP Request Form, it isn’t a submitted SNAP item. Every SNC is limited to 25 items that can be submitted as SNAP.

If necessary, your assigned SN Planner (Donald Perkins) can assist you with compiling and assimilating your SNAP submittals. The goal of the SNCs is to complete and submit your 2011 SNAP no later than January 14, 2011. Therefore, each SNC that choose to submit a SNAP has 3 months (from today’s date) to compile a list of potential SNAP items, per the matrices, and communicate with your assigned SN Planner to ensure your requested items check & balance with the matrices.

Once the SNAP Request Forms are submitted to the SN Planners, the SNAP items will be carefully reviewed to ensure they are in compliance with the SNAP Matrix, clear and specific (EXAMPLE: "Street overlay along Riceville School Rd (from West Bellfort Ave. to West Airport Blvd.)"). Your SN Planner may call on your designated SNAP contact person to assist with the review process. After the SNAP Request is finalized, the SNAP submittals will be inputted into a SNAP database and disseminated to the respective city departments. You will receive a copy of the departmental submissions for your Super Neighborhood Council. The departments are expected to have their responses ready by the beginning of April. This will provide them with ample time to review and consider various SNAP requests as they prepare their operating budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

As a reminder, SNC requests for CIP improvements will not be included as part of your 2011 SNAP. Over the months ahead, the SNCs should be prepared to follow-up with your respective district council member(s) and with appropriate City department directors in determining whether requested CIP items are included in the upcoming Five Year CIP Plan.

In addition to eligible SNAP items listed on the matrices, the 3rd column list routine maintenance items that you can call in to 311 or access application and petition forms (i.e. street lighting application, Neighborhood street reconstruction petition, etc.). Also, the latter portion of the matrices list specific 311 items you can also call in to report via phone (3-1-1) or e-mail (

2010 Timeline (for 2011 SNAPS):

    • HOAs need to work though their list of projects and submit their SNAP requests to the Infrastructure Committee by November 30th

    • The Infrastructure Committee will prioritize SNAPs and make recommendations to the Council by December 11th. Their recommendations will be posted here on the website for review before the December meeting.

    • The Council will vote on the SNAP list at the December 22cd meeting.

    • SNAPs are due to the City by Jan 14th 2011

SNAP resources

    • SNAP Request Form 2011 (see below) - filled out by the HOAs - please forward completed requests to Robin Foster

    • SNAP Request Matrix for Parks and PWE (see below) - lists the qualifications for SNAP projects

    • Suggested SNAP items for Memorial SN as identified by Donald Perkins, our COH planner.

Memorial SN 2011 SNAP Requests: (Pending Infrastructure Committee approval)

    • Fleetwood -- 6 projects, all concrete point patch repairs at roadway storm drains, at the following locations: 814 Daria, 930 Daria, 15754 Walkwood Drive, 816 Silvergate, 854 Silvergate, between 818 and 822 Crossroads

    • Ashford Forest Drainage – Capture and divert overland sheet flow along Dairy Ashford with additional storm sewer and inlet capacity discharging into Buffalo Bayou. Overland sheet flow currently originates north of Memorial and flows south on Dairy Ashford before entering into Ashford Forest near Oak Bend.

    • Westchester – concrete point patch repair(s) in the 400 block of Greenpark between Oak Bend and Bramblewood

    • Nottingham Forest/Ashford Forest/Westchester – mulch trees (island design) on Dairy Ashford esplanades from St. Mary’s Lane to Buffalo Bayou

    • Nottingham Forest/Ashford Forest/Westchester – plant trees on Dairy Ashford esplanades from I-10 to St. Mary’s Lane

    • Autumn Oaks Civic Club -- plant trees on Wilcrest esplanade south of Interstate 10

  • MSN 16 other

    • Mulch trees in esplanades along Gessner Rd. (Barryknoll to Beauregard)

    • Mulch trees in esplanades along Gessner Rd. (Vanderpool to Buffalo Bayou)

    • Mulch trees in esplanades along N. Wilcrest Dr. (I-10 to Buffalo Bayou)

    • Mulch trees in esplanades along N. Kirkwood Dr. (Memorial Dr. to Buffalo Bayou)

    • Plant trees along esplanades of N. Kirkwood Dr. (I-10 to Britoak Dr.)

    • Plant trees along esplanades of Country Place Dr. (Memorial Dr. to Kimberly Ln.)

    • Plant trees along Eldridge Pkwy. (I-10 to Memorial Dr.)

    • Concrete patch (or overlay) along N. Wilcrest Dr. (I-10 to Buffalo Bayou)

    • Concrete patch (or overlay) N. Kirkwood Dr. (I-10 to Memorial Dr.)

TOTAL – 20 projects

SNAP Status

Check on the City's SNAP response here