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Rebuild Houston Appeals Process & Low Impact Development

posted Jun 30, 2011, 8:23 AM by Memorial Super Neighborhood   [ updated Jun 30, 2011, 8:29 AM ]
From Councilmember Oliver Pennington's Office: These were the presentations made June 28th at the Flooding & Drainage Committee Meeting.  Public Works is setting up the appeals process for those who have been through a Verification and Correction of their drainage charge and are still not happy with the City’s determination of their impervious surface (three and one-half percent of those who request V&C). 

Director Krueger also presented on Management Techniques (also known as Low Impact Development Techniques).  There are a few techniques recognized by the city, the implementation of which will provide your property with a credit against the drainage fee: Bioretention (rain gardens), Infiltration Trenches, Green Roofs, Rain Barrels or Cisterns, and Porous Pavement.  While we hope something in plain English an ordinary citizen can understand will be published at a larter date, these techniques are governed by Chapter 13 of the City’s Infrastructure Design Manual (pages 199-217 of the IDM located here: