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Non-Profit Mow Down Program

posted Aug 15, 2018, 4:44 AM by Memorial Super Neighborhood   [ updated Aug 15, 2018, 4:52 AM ]
Via Mark Kirschke, Communication Director, City Council District G

The City of Houston has a Mow Down Program that pays non-profit organizations $50 each time they mow down a weeded lot. Because it costs approximately $300 to have a city contractor do the same work, this provides the city a cost savings, and at the same time provides some income to a non-profit.

The Department of Neighborhoods is working hard in the month of August to recruit eligible Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) or (4) status community partners to join the Mow Down program. Their goal is have at least 10 active Non-profit Organizations in each council district to assist in cleaning up and maintaining our neighborhoods one lot at a time. If you know of any non-profit that would be interested in the Mow Down Program, please email us and we will hook you up with the program. 

Information on the Mow Down Program:

Program brochure attached below. 

Memorial Super Neighborhood,
Aug 15, 2018, 4:44 AM