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New Lease Fee for City Trash Containers

posted Apr 27, 2020, 11:54 AM by Memorial Super Neighborhood
For our delegate HOAs that do not use private contract garbage and recycle collection service. Please send comments, concerns, etc. to Council Member Greg Travis. 

Via Julia Retta: 

Council Member Kamin wanted you to be aware of an item on this week's agenda to create a new fee for the "Lease and Management of Containers for Garbage and Recyclables for Residential Units." This is Item 16 and you can find the RCA language here: 

"The Chapter 39 update establishes a cart lease fee of $0.57 per container, or $1.14 per customer household served.  The applied lease payment will provide proper maintenance and replacement levels for the city’s container inventory.  The updated asset management program places the City operation on par with other major Texas cities container management programs.   The lease fund will support appropriate purchasing levels of both black and green containers; replacement parts and tools; rolling stock; and personnel to support deliveries and customer service in the four solid waste operations quadrants.  The lease charge will appear on customer monthly water bills beginning effective July 1, 2020." 

We wanted you all to know about this ASAP. I suspect the item will be tagged giving us another week to review, and for your information, we are planning a broader email to our civic clubs and email list early next week, but are trying to get more information first. 

Please let us know of any feedback, concerns, questions. 

Thank you for your leadership!