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New 311 Service Request System

posted Jun 27, 2021, 2:01 PM by Memorial Super Neighborhood
[We only received this announcement last night.]

City of Houston 311 is pleased to announce the start of the Customer Request and Information System (CRIS).

After nine months of collaboration, design, development, and testing, we are happy to announce that the new Houston 311 system, 311 CRIS, will launch on Saturday, June 26th, 2021!

This cloud-based 311 application will fundamentally improve how we interact with our customers by delivering an advanced, self-service based platform that makes interaction easier, quicker, and more convenient for both citizens and agents. Some of the upgrades and new features of the new Houston 311 include:
  • A customer self-service portal with a virtual agent, allowing residents to create service requests on their own and reduce call wait times;
  • A way for City of Houston employees to reclassify a case instead of closing it and opening a new one;
  • A standardized, consistent service request number for all website, app, or Call Center requests;
  • A reduction in duplicate service requests, based on location.
From 3pm Saturday, June 26th through June 27th, customers must call 311 to create a service request. The 311 website and SeeClickFix app will not be available to create service requests, which will minimize the time required to complete data transfer into the new system. The Houston 311 Call Center will be fully functional, and 311 agents will be available 24/7 to create service requests over the phone.

Additionally, beginning Saturday, June 26th, the SeeClickFix app will no longer be supported by the City of Houston. A new City of Houston 311 app will be available for download in the iTunes and Google Play stores after Houston 311 CRIS implementation is complete this weekend.

New Houston 311 Portal
City of Houston

You can email 311 with any questions or concerns about the upcoming change.

( If outside Houston, dial 713.837.0311 )

Thank you,

Charles W. Jackson
Assistant Director
Administration & Regulatory Affairs Department